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Puppy Socials: Services


Puppy chewing up your Louboutins? Peeing on your tatami mats? Jumping up and shredding your designer pants?

Come to this social event where you and your pup get to mingle with other puppies and their pet parents and swap puppy-raising war stories. You also get to ask a U.S. qualified trainer any and every question you have about raising happy puppies. 

Although this is not a formal training class, your puppy will learn valuable social skills while romping and playing with other puppies and humans in this trainer-supervised session. 

You will gain valuable tips on what is developmentally appropriate behaviour, learn how to teach your pup basic manners and maybe even form your own support group. (Goodness knows you need the support when the pups become boundary-pushing adolescents!) 


Age Group: Strictly under 20 weeks (5 months old)

Requirements: Prior to the first social, puppy must have at least 

  • 1 distemper vaccination

  • 1 parvovirus vaccination

  • have had a health check at least 7 days prior to the first social

  • must have been in your care for at least 7 days prior to the first social

  • flea and tick prevention

What to bring:

  • leash at least 1.2m long (no extendable leashes)

  • collar or harness with identification tags.

  • Proof of 1st round of parvo and distemper vaccinations required upon first visit. We’d refuse entry if no proof of vaccination. This is to ensure a safe and healthy environment for everyone.

  • the dog’s regular kibble or treats

Puppy Socials: Classes
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